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Dougal Allan is a professional endurance athlete & coach

Combining an honours degree in Physical Education with more than 15 years as an elite endurance athlete, Dougal has become one of NZ’s most successful and consistent endurance athletes and coach.

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With victories in road-based events such as Challenge Wanaka as well as the off-road formats such as the famous Coast to Coast and Xterra triathlon, Dougal boasts a vast collective experience across a number of sports and racing formats.

It is rare to find someone with such extensive theoretical and practical sporting experience who is offering a unique coaching service while still at the top of their athletic game.

Dougal offers limited spaces for athletes of all abilities to benefit from his knowledge and real-life experiences through his coaching services.

He loves to combine his passions for racing and coaching alongside his dedication and love for spending time with his wife Amy and their children Flynn and Matilda.

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Aerial shot of Dougal kayaking in the Coast to Coast

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