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Welcome to the DA Endurance Store. This is where you can now purchase Felt Bicycles, Profile Design products, Smith Optics sunglasses and Helmets.

I trust the brands that I use for my profession and am glad to share my knowledge regarding these products with you. Please contact me if you would like to discuss the best Felt Bicycle, Profile Design components and Smith Optics products to enhance your training and racing experience. I have been offering my coaching services to my loyal clients for years. I am really excited to be able to be able to back this up with supplying quality equipment to make your training and racing more enjoyable and efficient. Everything that I sell I use myself and have the upmost confidence in these products.

To enquire about products from the DA Endurance Online Store It is best for you to contact me to discuss your needs and we will then work together until we find what is best suited for you at competitive prices.

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Check out my latest review on the Profile Design TWENTYFOUR SERIES here.

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SLF MOTION – Smoother.Lighter.Faster

The SLF Motion wheels are designed to reduce drag where the chain flows through the rear derailleur and drastically improve the durability of these moving parts. Benefits include enhanced riding efficiency through better power transference from rider to bike as well as improved durability compared to any other product on the market. My overall ride experience has felt noticeably smoother, quieter and more efficient.

SLF Motion Wheels  MODEL 910 Road/TT application

SLF Motion Wheels MODEL 120 SRAM only MTB/CX application

SLF Motion Wheels MODEL 140 SRAM Eagle MTB only


 “Our pulley wheels were independently tested and PROVEN by an independent laboratory to produce 48% LESS FRICTION than the next best wheels on the market (which included wheels from all the major pulley wheel manufacturers). If you are in the market for an upgrade, why not purchase a lighter weight, less friction producing, and lower price point pulley wheel?”. 

Blake Young, Founder/President

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