Getting on with it.

A little strange to think the last time I sat down to put thoughts to paper was immediately following my Challenge Wanaka experience. That was back in February. Two weeks later I struggled through a wet and cold day to take my first win from my first attempt in the Motatapu Xterra UDC Finance Triathlon. A fairly pleasing result which qualified me for the World Champs in Maui (Hawaii) later on in October. I doubt I’ll race as it’s a long and expensive trip to make for a 2 ½ hour race – but nice to have been given the opportunity.

Motatapu Xterra UDC Finance Triathlon

Other than that I have been taking a more leisurely approach to training on the most part, the exception being I have been working harder than ever on my swimming. I had a work trip to the USA in April with the NZ Snow Sports team which was busy but great. Otherwise I have been enjoying spending time with Amy and watching our son Flynn’s body and personality grow. We have also sold our house and bought another section in none other than the very perfect setting of Riverside Park. It won’t be long before the Stonewood homes team are wacking together our new home.
Flynn Eric Allan

Things on the training front have just taken a big step up a level in terms of focus and intensity. I have finally made the tough decision to commit to racing Ironman Canada in Whistler on July 26th. I really want to explore this whole long distance triathlon thing a bit further and if I didn’t race during the NZ winter it would be a long time between drinks. It’s a super competitive event with quite good pro qualification points available for Kona so I am sure it will be tough coming across from NZ winter to such a tough course and competitive field. But it’s a bit of a ‘now or never’ situation for me, so I am just going to bite the bullet, spend the money, keep doing the training and hope I can put together a good performance in about eight weeks’ time.
I’ll keep you posted.