IMNZ here we come..

It was only ever a back up in case something went wrong at Challenge Wanaka. But very little went wrong at Wanaka and yet here I am on the eve of my first IMNZ experience, feeling excited to give it a nudge despite being just 2 weeks since my last race over this distance.
Val and I discussed only racing part of IMNZ. But I just couldnt seem to bring myself to start a race I had pre-planned not to finish. It just didnt seem to be in my DNA. Besides, I love racing. So despite not really knowing how I will feel tomorrow, despite being a crazy competitive pro field and despite planning to peak again for Ironman Australia in 8 weeks, I am ready to give it (yes, all of it) my best shot tomorrow.
A few folks have asked how I think it will go. Who knows? I have felt better and better through the week, but I wont really know until I am away and racing in the morning. And even then, with a race of this distance, nobody can expect to feel good throughout. So I am hoping to enjoy the peaks and persevere through the troughs for as long as it takes tomorrow. I know on a good day I can be up there with the best. I am just hoping that tomorrow might be a good day!
Thanks for all the nice words post-Wanaka. Thanks also for the support leading into Taupo. Special mention to Amy and Flynn who came up Tuesday with me and my Uncle Eric and Aunt Elizabeth for hosting us in Taupo. Also thanks to Mike and Hollie at Clif Bar and Nuun who are sponsoring IMNZ this weekend and have been really helpful as I have worked to get myself organised for race day.
A race summary to come in due course.
See you out there.