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With over a decade of racing a variety of endurance formats around the world Dougal Allan has plenty of stories to share.

From 125 hours of non-stop racing through the Brazilian wilderness to 120km runs across the Empty Quarter desert in Abu Dhabi there have been some remarkable experiences in his athletic life.

The lessons that his involvement in extreme endurance sports have taught him revolve around tenacity, preparation, team work, patience and humility.

As a public speaker Dougal brings an open and honest approach to his audience and his key messages are communicated with both humour and dignity.

Please contact us if you’d like Dougal to speak at your next event or function.   

"The great thing about Dougal’s speaking events is his ability to communicate and connect with such wide audiences and deliver take outs that can be applied straight away. His honest and humble style relates to any audience as he shares his incredibly inspirational life journey. He inspires young (and not so young) sports people through to business people at all levels. Dougal’s messages engage and inspire as he shares his journey filled with knock backs that ultimately deliver huge success all the while balancing his all-important family life. He has a canny ability to translate his journey and experience into messages for business audiences: consistency, trusting the process, building from the failures and celebrating success. I’ve been fortunate enough to listen to a number of speakers over my many years in retail, corporate and as a novice sports person and would rate Dougal among the best."
Suzanne val Pels - Marketing Manager
Macaulay Motors
"We were delighted to have Dougal as our guest speaker at our annual Snow Sports NZ Awards Night. He’s a real natural, seems totally at home on the stage and is able to engage audiences of all ages. We had an audience of 250 people including young skiers and snowboarders aged 12 years and up, through to Auckland-based business people. Dougal’s speech kept everyone entertained with the perfect mixture of great storytelling, humour and some valuable messaging. He is a true inspiration and we would highly recommend him as a guest speaker."
Alex Kerr - Communications Manager
Snow Sports NZ
"What a privilege to have a strapping fit endurance professional come and tell us of his sporting performances and the ideals in his life to reach the TOP. Dougal Allan has no inhibitions about his determination and endeavours to become number one in his sporting fields. He stressed the importance for young people to early in life get in with the right group of people with true connections to lift you to a higher level. Such, that if you were to fail, who would be still there for you. Family and true friends. Dougal is constantly setting up a series of good results, not just a one-off session result. His one fear is failure. Well done, and good luck Dougal in the future. We are with you all the way."
David Leslie - President
Wanaka Grandview Club
"As well as being a gifted multi-sport athlete, Dougal is an incredible public speaker. I had the pleasure of hearing him speak in Wanaka about his experiences adventure racing in China. I was blown away by his ability to transport each of us in the room to China with him by delivering a talk that was informative, entertaining and truly inspirational. If you ever have the chance to hear Dougal speak, do not miss it."
Aviette Musin

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