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 The team at DA Endurance believe coaching is about more than just writing programs. True coaching is about fostering personal growth, skillsets and technique, specific fitness components and of course the pure enjoyment of leading an active lifestyle. Our experienced coaches blend personal experience as top-level athletes with qualifications in the sport and exercise science fields, enabling us to develop the best periodised training plans to compliment each individual athlete to suit your lifestyle and goals. 

We invite you to apply for our coaching by clicking on the “athlete application” button below, places are strictly limited.  

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Dougal Allan

Dougal Allan brings to his coaching role an Honours degree in Physical Education and is constantly upskilling his vast range of knowledge keeping himself totally up to date.

Dougal is one of the most sought after endurance coaches in New Zealand and around the world. His combination of practical and theoretical knowledge coupled with his passion for helping prepare athletes for their own race related goals makes him the complete coaching package.

Dan Jones

After five years of intense NCAA XC and Track Running in the United States, he has returned to his roots in New Zealand to pursue his long distance racing goals in the fields of multi-sport and distance running.

Alongside his Masters of Business Administration, Dan has generated immense knowledge in the world of running and multisport/adventure racing. The desire to help people reach their full potential and the ongoing mentor-ship from Dougal are all elements that contribute to a style of coaching that prescribes athletic success.

DA Endurance Coaching Options

Triathlon / Multisport Weekly $120 per week

We believe the most effective athlete-coach relationship is one based on consistent communication. Our premium coaching package is offered to a limited number and allows full access to your coach. The result is a training approach that is highly individualised, adaptable and constantly optimised to ensure true purpose and progress that we shape around a busy life.

Triathlon / Multisport Monthly $380 per month

Our vision is for you to train with purpose as well as an understanding and engagement in the reasons your program is designed and delivered that way it is. If you have initiative and plenty of self-drive, we offer the monthly option to generate highly individualised training approaches that still allow a limited amount of contact with your coach en route to your goals.

Run Monthly with Dan Jones $250 per month

Running is a sport that rewards consistency. To achieve this you need to be strategic in how you manage your training loads. Dan Jones comes from a lifetime in competitive track, road and trail running. If you have meaningful running goals and want to ensure your preparation targets your best chance at success, we invite you to apply for one of Dan’s limited run coaching spots.

Cycle Monthly with Dougal Allan $250 per month

Whether you fancy riding your bike to complete or compete, off-road or on-road, short, long or multi-day, Dougal can help foster your growth and development on a bike. With personal success in various cycling formats for more than a decade, Dougal has amassed vast experience as well as science-driven knowledge on how to train and prepare to perform on a bike. We invite you to apply for a limited spot under his cycle coaching tutelage now.

Strength Programming for Endurance Sport - $180

When it comes to developing strength and mobility qualities, there is a lot to consider. Many gym trainers understand strength training while many coaches understand endurance. We understand both and believe there is always a huge benefit to developing healthy strength and mobility patterns to compliment your endurance performance, recovery, general health and longevity.

With 18 years combined experience (including work for High Performance Sport NZ) we are pleased to offer a unique service involving an initial consultation, strength and mobility programming/prescription and follow up consultation to deliver the plan. This is a highly individualised product that can compliment any training and lifestyle routine and can be designed to be performed at home or at the gym.

Private Consultation - One hour consultation - $150

Whether it is a specific topic, a broad range of questions or just to steal some industry secrets, we offer a professional consultation service to discuss matters that you are interested in understanding or clarifying further. After the consultation we will follow-up with an email to summarise the information shared and include any further suggestions and action points as next steps. Contact us directly to secure your appointment.

Why work with us?

When choosing DA Endurance Coaching, you will be entering into a powerful athlete-coach partnership. We offer personalised coaching to suit all levels that compliment individual needs.

Centred around your specific needs, schedule and goals, your training and preparation will aim to consistently optimise your time and energy available. We understand that life is a constantly changing and evolving thing, so the training needs to be reactive and able to be modified along the way to maximise the opportunities available but also to introduce recovery in an appropriate manner throughout.

You will receive a completely individualised training program, on-going and specific feedback, guidance and education to empower you through the process, regardless of which coaching option you choose.


Athletes wanting a highly personalised and adaptable coaching relationship that aims to empower you with knowledge and understanding along the way.

Athletes with busy lives who need accountability as well as the assurance that their training is always purposeful, targeted and highly time-efficient.

Anyone with a desire to maximise their time in the sport from a learning, performance and enjoyment point of view.


Identify key goals and aspirations

Individualised training program via Training Peaks

Performance management and tracking data

Strength and conditioning programming

Guidance and feedback keeping you accountable for achieving your goals

Technique analysis and educational opportunities

Phone and email support

DetaIled race planning and debrief processes

Group based training opportunities (eg. exclusive training camps) with other DA Endurance Ltd members and coaches.

Our coaching capacity remains strictly limited to allow for us to deliver a premium service to our clients. 

Please note that there is a 3 month minimum sign up and $100 start up fee for new clients. As part of our commitment to offering a premium coaching service, we keep our athlete numbers limited at all times. Due to high demand we now invite you to fill out the athlete application form and we will be in touch soon.

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"It was a long held dream of mine to complete a full distance triathlon and I achieved this several weeks ago at Ironman New Zealand. I had spent the previous 9 months training under the guidance of my incomparable coach Dougal Allan of DA Endurance Training and he was the key component of me achieving this goal.  Dougal took me on as a complete newbie to the sport and got me to the start line in the shape of my life and over 20kg lighter than when we started! I felt strong, fit, knowledgable and well prepared for the day - everything a novice IM athlete could ask for from his coach!  For anybody that wants to achieve a goal like IMNZ, commit to having a professional coach like Dougal and be amazed at the results that will follow. I can’t thank Dougal enough for his expertise and support and am excited to team up again for my next big challenge in 2018!"
Tristan Franklin, Queenstown
"The care and attention Dougal puts into training plans are second to none! Constant tweaking to make it work for me and always checking in - even from the other side of the world! ! Highly recommend Team DA !! 👊"
Dianne Rankin, Auckland
"Dougal and running coach Dan are amazing! As a 55 year old that started the sport late and is always chasing cut offs, I’ve felt that the training is totally achievable and suits my busy work schedule. I can’t recommend DA Endurance enough! Programmes for all levels and goals!"
Suzanne Van Pels, Invercargil
"Getting on board with DA Endurance has brought huge gains to my results. The knowledge, enthusiasm and support from Dougal has eliminated any unproductive training. On top of this, the Training camps are fantastic! the extra input from Coach Dan and other professionals is second to none, enjoyed with an awesome group of like minded athletes"
Paul Gow, Oamaru

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